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Luke Cusak

Andrew has gone out of his way to help me as a friend, a Knight of Columbus, and professionally in my work in Catholic media. When I was new to Michiana Andrew graciously met with me and gave me some pointers on the market and helped me network in the Catholic business community. I was an inactive Knight of Columbus at the time and Andrew inspired me to rejoin the ranks and take an active role in my new council in South Bend. When my wife and I were looking into life insurance, Andrew was educational and helped us fully understand all our options. We priced the market and found the Knights of Columbus to be within dollars of the competition on a purely financial level. However, the charitable works funded by the Knights Insurance program, their paramount standing and ratings on the world stage, and their commitment to life, Catholic values, and sound investing and money management made our decision to insure with the Knights absolute. Andrew’s professionalism and example of a Knight of Columbus exemplifies our goal to live as Catholic gentlemen in the world. I highly recommend Andrew and the Insurance program of the Knights of Columbus.