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John Burzynski

As an insurance agent, Andrew has been extremely helpful over the years to my wife and me in narrowing down our life insurance needs. He doesn’t try to oversell us on insurance that we don’t need, and he always has insightful questions and recommendations concerning our insurance needs, both present and future. He is quite knowledgeable both about the product that he is representing, as well as being knowledgeable about our needs at this age and in the future, as we edge closer to retirement. On a personal level, Andrew is perhaps one of our best area Knights of Columbus representatives. His excitement about the Knights and about Catholicism, in general, are contagious at almost any gathering where Andrew is present. He is an outstanding representative for the Knights’ mission for Catholic men and helping parishes, as well as being a great proponent for all Catholics having a vibrant and prayerful family life and parish life. He is a great conversationalist and is wonderful to just sit and talk with, he has had many great experiences and travels in life